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The expansive and eclectic USA is home to many great cities, and deciding which ones would be perfect for the whole family to enjoy together can be quite a challenge.  If you are thinking about taking a trip to the US, here are some of the best cities (in no particular order) to visit with kids:

Chicago, Illinois


Chicago is brimming with excellent activities and attractions to keep the kids happy on vacation, and it can be really tricky decided just where to go next!  There are so many cool options … including lots that are free or low cost!  When it comes to eating, you’ll have no problems finding typical US food that many kids love!  Grab a quick hotdog to eat on the go or sit down to share a delicious and filling deep dish Chicago style pizza pie.  Millennium Park is a fantastic place for kids to run and play and everyone can be impressed by the interesting sculpture that is called The Bean.  Another terrific park is Lincoln Park, where you will also find one of the country’s only free zoos.  Your children can enjoy looking at a range of different creatures, big and small.  There are museums that cater to diverging interests, Navy Pier, a large Ferris wheel, plentiful play areas … and more!

San Diego, California


With terrific warm and sunny weather and many different family-friendly activities, San Diego is sure to be a winner with kids.  The famous San Diego Zoo is often high on the list of things to do with kids, with a large selection of interesting creatures from all over the world.  Located with the expansive Balboa Park there are other things to explore in the area, including several museums and beautiful gardens.  Lovely beaches are within easy reach of the centre, ideal for combining rest and play.  There are a couple of great water parks to enjoy, museums galore, and exciting bust streets to wander and simply soak up the varied sights.  Add more to your trip with the fun and informative Kids’ Travel Guide – San Diego.

Richmond, Virginia


If your kids are into the arts and culture, Richmond makes for a great visit.  Often overlooked in favour of other US cities, you may be surprised by how easy, pleasant, and fun a stay in the city can be.  There are several excellent parks and gardens around the city, including the lush botanical gardens, as well as a wide array of historical homes and other elegant buildings.  The hands-on and very interactive Science Museum of Virginia is usually popular with younger visitors and children who love art will enjoy places like the Ada Gallery, he Modlin Center, and the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts.

Orlando, Florida


A must for families who enjoy theme parks, water parks, nature, and beaches all close to hand, Orlando is a very popular destination for international families and domestic families on holiday.  Spend long fun-filled days at the different theme parks, including the world-famous Disney World parks, let the mind truly boggle at Ripley’s Believe it or Not, be amazed at the buildings and have fun on the rides at Legoland, watch the iconic shows and see lots of aquatic life at SeaWorld, and visit an awesome upside down on International Drive.  Other parts of the state, such as the Everglades, are within easy reach, and you can spend days relaxing on the wonderful sunny beaches.  Take a dip in the ocean, splash, swim, paddle, and lounge on the sands … the choice is yours!  There are various beach activities too to please kids who never wind down.  Lake Eola is pretty and there are boats that you can hop into for a trip across the water and there are delightful natural springs nearby.  There are many options for eating, drinking, sleeping, and shopping.

New York City, New York


An iconic city that is loved by old and young alike, a visit to the lively and at times chaotic New York City is likely to be a trip that the whole family will remember for a very long time.  Even the “small” things in New York offer excitement and wonder for kids – take a ride on the subway, head to the large Central Park and enjoy a horse and carriage ride, and dine in many of the funky restaurants that can be found all around the city.  Boat trips are popular and a visit to the Statue of Liberty is sure to be a hit.  Head up high and enjoy the views at places like the Empire State Building and the Rockefeller Center, save tired legs by taking an informative open top bus tour of the city, step into some of the excellent and varied museums, catch a show on Broadway, stroll around the ever-busy Times Square, and enjoy seeing the vibrant city through the eyes of your children.  You can help kids to prepare for this pulsating city with the Kids’ Travel Guide – New York, letting them know what to expect and making the city less of a shock.  There are also loads of great activities for your kids to complete during your stay in the Big Apple and it makes for a lovely memento of your trip long after the bright lights have faded and you have returned home.

Other good cities to visit with children in the USA include Washington D.C., San Francisco, Portland, Myrtle Beach, and pretty much anywhere in Hawaii.

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