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Did you think vibrant Los Angeles was mainly about the adults?  If so, think again! The Kids’ Travel Guide – Los Angeles shows that there are plenty of things for younger visitors to enjoy as well.

The perfect way to get your kids excited and all fired up about their trip to fabulous LA, it is also a great journal and memento of their family trip after they return home.  As well as fun games and activities, there are also plenty of sections that encourage children to record their own experiences and favourite things from their trip, document who they travelled with, what they saw, and so on.

Pre-Trip Fun


Before even leaving home your kids will find a good selection of information and activities, all presented in an easy-to-digest format.  They will also “meet” their own travel guide for the first time – Leonardo!  Kids can look at maps of the city and see where it is in relation to other parts of the USA, and they will be able to record how they will travel, with whom, and other information that will help to get them engaged in the trip from the start.  There is a page dedicated to packing, which can really help kids to feel involved in the whole trip process.  And, of course, they can start reading about the different cool things to see and do in Los Angeles, as well as familiarising themselves a bit more with the city with the fun pages on transportation, history, and city highlights.  They can even brush up on their knowledge of movie lingo too!

Whilst Away


As well as being able to maintain the initial excitement levels throughout the vacation by reading juicy titbits of information about various attractions around Los Angeles, the fun facts and top tips help to retain interest even more. There are numerous activities for kids to complete during the trip, including some terrific things to do whilst actually visiting different places.  They are encouraged to be more aware of their surroundings and take in even more than they perhaps would have done otherwise.

Many of the most famous child-friendly attractions are covered, including Hollywood’s iconic sign up in the hills and the Walk of Fame, theme parks, the Aquarium of the Pacific, and Santa Monica Pier … along with information about several films that feature the famous pier.  Ask your children to tell you some of the movies and see if you can all recognise places!


La Brea Tar Pits is an unusual and unexpected site around vibrant and modern LA – thousands of fossils were found here having been stuck in sticky tar, with more than 650 different species having been found here!

Your kids can learn more about Beverly Hills and the Space Shuttle Endeavour at the Science Centre.  They can whet their appetite for a movie tour.  And, if you have budding thespians in the family they are sure to love the information about the theatres.

After the Trip Has Ended

There is a reflective journal section for kids to complete after their trip, as well as extra pages of activities and games … if they have managed to save these until the end!  And, of course, they can keep their beautiful completed book to look back over with fond memories.

Varied Activities

aquarium_0A wide array of different activities throughout the guide helps to keep kids interested and eager to complete more.  Activities to be completed on the spot at different places are usually very popular with young travellers – these tasks add a greater sense of purpose and engagement to each day trip and excursion.  There are fun crosswords and word searches, matching exercises, puzzles … and more!  All within exquisitely designed and colourful pages that have been carefully created so as to really be appealing to young readers.  This is so much more than a travel guide!

There are numerous reasons why you should choose the Kids’ Travel Guide – Los Angeles for your kids’ trip.  And, if your little explorers would love to know more about the USA in general there is also a combined guide: Kids’ Travel Guide – USA and Los Angeles.  Covering all of the above plus currency, symbols, cuisine, geography, and so on, it is the perfect tool to let your kids learn more about both the country and the city.

Make travel more meaningful for all with the help of Leonardo and The FlyingKids!  Enjoy your vacations!

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