Off the Beaten Track with Kids in Los Angeles

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Los Angeles is a great place for a fun-filled family vacation and there is certainly plenty for everyone of all ages.  There are many reasons to take the kids to LA!

One you’ve hit the glorious beaches, explored the museums, been dazzled by the star culture and ticked off all the other highlights, what about doing something a bit different?

There are many unusual and quirky things to be found around Los Angeles, many of which are fascinating for kids and adults alike.  Some are a fair distance out of the city centre, but are, nevertheless, well worth the trip.  Step away from the tried and trodden path a bit with a visit to some of these interesting places:

Venetian Canals


Experience a slice of Venice in the heart of Los Angeles with a trip to the beautiful Venetian-style canals.  Found close to Venice Beach, it is a pleasant place to spend a few hours wandering around in pretty surroundings, crossing the cute bridges, and enjoying the views.

Story Book House

Several whimsical and delightful homes were built around 100 years ago that were inspired by fairytales and classic stories.  Whilst many fell into disrepair over the years and lots were demolished to make way for newer buildings, there is a great remaining example close to the Sony Studios in Culver City.  With its cute sloping and uneven roofs, curious windows, and a garden that looks like it came straight from the pages of a fantasy novel, this is a lovely place to stop outside and snap a couple of pictures and inspire your kids’ imaginations.  It is a private home though so you can’t actually enter the grounds.

Chicken Boy


Chicken Boy is an enormous cross-breed between … you’ve guessed it … a chicken and a boy!  It is perched in all its glory on top of the Future Studio Design and Gallery.  He certainly is a talking point!

USS Midway Statues

Is you are in this area, make sure you stop and see the variety of interesting statues that are scattered about.  Some are pretty big!

Giant Lemon


You won’t need to spend too much time here, but if you’re en route elsewhere and passing close by, it is a fun photo stop in Lemon Grove city.

Great Wall of LA

Stroll along the stretch of brightly painted walls and see a different type of artwork.  Located in Sherman Oaks, the interesting pictures tell the tale of California’s history – fun and educational at the same time!

Salvation Mountain


An almost unbelievable gem in the town of Niland, this wondrous place combines vivid colours, interesting art, religious culture, scenery, and nature.  It is quite unlike anywhere else that you may have seen.  You can climb the yellow brick road up the mountain for amazing views.  A true testament to one man’s ability to make his vision a reality, the mountain is painted in colourful hues and covered with biblical quotes.  There is also a fascinating museum that contains pieces made from trash.

Batman’s Cave and Abandoned Zoo

Griffith Park is a terrific place for the kids to run and play, but did you know that it is also home to two rather unusual attractions?  You can explore the rundown and eerie old zoo, poking about in the cages that used to house the animals and imagining what it was like in its heyday.  There is also lots of interesting graffiti.  Bronson Cave was used as the Bat Cave, and it is with a slightly chilly thrill that you can go into the dank dark depths and have a look around.

Bubble Gum Alley


The wildly disgusting but also fascinatingly weird Bubble Gum Alley in the downtown of San Luis Obisopo often appeals to kids who want to leave a piece of their gum behind to add to the walls.

Other strange and offbeat places include the artistically brilliant Watts Towers, the Creation and Earth History Museum, the towering Cabazon Dinosaurs, and the wonderful Elmer’s Bottle Tree Ranch.

Do you know of any other hidden delights that the kids may love around Los Angeles?

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