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The City of Angels loves your little angels. There are a thousand things to do; and many of them are family oriented. Try to stay in the area in which your attractions are; travel can be pricey, the city is big, and the traffic slow moving. You want to spend your time bonding with your family, not on the freeway.

Cue the mayhem. Starting this spring, the Despicable Me: Minion Mayhem ride developed aft her movie, debuted at the Hollywood Universal Studios Park. This ride uses 3D Ultra-HD animation and an interactive and lifelike vehicle system. The ride moves visitors into crazy Gru’s life. Once there, you can watch him plot and scheme to make more Minions from his many human recruits. From Gru’s house and his laboratory, to an insane Minion training mission and an after the show fun dance party, family fans will love the experience of Despicable Me.

The architect of the LA Getty alone is a fun sight to behold. On June 1st, take in the sights and get a free art lesson. All ages and experience levels are welcome. The summer can be warm, so take this opportunity to have the entire family have fun in art when mimicking an original work. The event starts at 2:30 p.m.

This summer exhibit explores the world of soccer. Combing sports and culture is a win-win situation. View the paintings, sculptures, videos, and photographs of soccer players and games. The LA Modern Art museum (www.lacma.org) also have other exhibits and food options for after this family day of fun.

In LA, you can also tour the studios, play sports, sample the local cuisine, visit museums and historical buildings, go to the zoo, spend the day at one of the many area theme parks, and keep an eye out for celebrities. For theme parks, get reservations early and get the go-to-the-front-of the line pass for Minion Mayhem; the lines are lengthy. LA is a great locale for your summer family getaway.

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