Five Things Kids Learn from Travelling

By Eat Pray Love Play

Although I cannot deny that there are valuable lessons that children are taught at school, the life lessons I have witnessed my children experience while travelling has been priceless! Here are five of these nuggets of wisdom.

Diversity in The World

Seeing with their own eyes, people who look different, dress differently and speak differently, will educate children on the diversity of the human race more than any movie or book ever will.

Appreciation for Their Privilege

When kids witness first-hand what a less privileged lifestyle looks like, they have far more appreciation for the material things and quality of life that they have.

And then when they see children with so much less than them, living and playing so happily, the point really starts to hit home.

We love taking our children off the beaten track, to third world countries and away from the big resorts! We believe that this is where real life lessons are waiting to be learned.

Experiences Over Things

When you are travelling with limited luggage space, entertainment and toy options from home are minimal. As you have exciting and unusual experiences while travelling, children start to realise that adventures and quality time with their family is actually so much more fun than a room full of toys!

And when they return home and remember those experiences for months and years to come, you will know that you have given them the best gift!

Resilience and Patience

Travel plans never go quite according to plan, do they? Flight delays, lost luggage, traffic... These annoyances are all part and parcel of the travel experience! Children have to learn to be patient and resilient in these circumstances. And they do!

Keeping still and entertained during travel and transfer time is something our busy little boys got so good at during our travels. These are valuable skills that can be used in any situation, such as Doctor's rooms, restaurants, and car drives.


A Sense of Adventure

Children who are given surroundings and experiences out of their ordinary, along with encouragement from their parents, will start to buzz with wonder and excitement!

Seeing your kids explore, discover and seek knowledge about new things, is infinitely more rewarding than watching them play video games or watch TV. A sense of adventure is a mind-expanding life skill!

There is a mighty big world out there waiting to be explored. Take them travelling! They will love, learn and grow.





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  • I’d rather educate my children by showing them the world opposed to sitting in a classroom. I value school for sure, but I value experiences much more!

    Kathryn Dickson
  • I agree, kids are able to learn so much from traveling that they wouldn’t learn any other way. The parents too!

  • I’m so with you on experiences over things. Also helping them to understand their privilege. Often missed by many families.

    Jody Robbins
  • Agree with all of this! We learn so much about the world and our world through travel :)

  • Completely agree with everything you’ve said. Travelling is the best gift you can give to your kids. This is great inspiration for families 😊


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