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Perhaps one of the questions we most often get asked as a travelling family, is “why” do you chose to do this? “Why” do you brave the long flights, the red eyes, the airport delays, the sleepless nights, the toddler tantrums and the unpredictability that comes with travelling with little ones? Since our identical twins were born we have travelled seven countries with our boys. We swam with sea turtles in the Bahamas, travelled to the west coast of Canada, watched in awe the thundering of Niagara Falls and hiked the mountains of British Columbia. We have chased iguanas in Mexico, hunted for sea stars in the Cayman Islands and sailed the Atlantic Ocean. Not all of it has been easy, but each experience has brought us closer together as a family and helped our three-year-olds grow into the compassionate, sensitive and caring citizens of the world they are today. Through our adventures, we have found our “why”. We have discovered the countless benefits of family travel and compiled our own reasons why travelling with children is so incredible. Here are some of the reasons why we continue to make travel a priority for our family and why you might want to consider travelling with your children too.

Travel Helps Create Global Citizens

Travel exposes children to different cultures and ways of life around the world. It allows them the opportunity to experience the diversity of nature and exposes them to different languages, foods, and lifestyles. It develops their respect and understanding of others different from themselves and teaches them that the world is a bigger place than their own backyard.

Travel Is The Best Teacher

Through world travel, children experience opportunities that could never be replicated in a classroom. They learn through hands-on experiences fed by their own curiosity and this sparks a passion for lifelong learning.

Travel Builds Resilience

There is no doubt that travelling with children comes with its own set of challenges. This presents the perfect opportunity to build patience, flexibility, and adaptability. It allows children the chance to problem-solve, manage their emotions and experience life outside of their comfort zone.

Travel Instills a Love For Adventure

Travel encourages children to ask questions and explore new environments. It ignites their imagination and allows them to experience the world around them through inquiry. Without the rigid schedule of our everyday life, children are provided the freedom to follow their own interests and be spontaneous in their play, creativity, and learning.  

Travel Allows Parents to See The World Through The Eyes of Children

There really is nothing better than seeing the world through the eyes of children. Their excitement, passion, enthusiasm, and wonder are contagious and will most definitely enrich the travel experience of parents as well!


Regardless of your own travel experiences, know that there are lots of great reasons to travel with children. So get out there, see the world, make memories and find your “why!



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