8 Useful tips to survive the airport passage with little kids

By Traveling On Purpose

Family travel is great!! You make memories, spend quality time together, and experience different cultures. At the same time, it can be a nerve-wreaking, stressful, chaotic experience with little ones! The airport part is always the most anxiety-filled part of the trip for me. My husband is the one who is more laid back in this department! So we put a few tips together that help
make the traveling experience more comfortable for toddlers and us.

1. Travel seat

The Lugabug, which is a travel seat that you attach right to your luggage. A child can weight up to 60Ibs.

2. A loaded tablet

A tablet loaded with games and movies, which can be played offline. Don’t forget your headphones! Some airlines require you to wear them if you are listening to music or videos.

3. Snacks!

Lots and lots of snacks! We take cereal, granola bars, crackers, and fruit.

4. Toys!

Their favorite figurines, window clings, water wow color pads, play-doh, etc.

5. Blankets and pillows 

Blankets and pillows to take a nap: Crossing fingers this happens:

6. Your own food

Bring their lunch. It’s always great to bring your own food because some flights only offer snacks. We usually make sandwiches or bring Uncrustables for the kids to eat. 

7. Milk for the baby

Bring enough milk for the baby. You can bring milk through security, but they will test it, as well as water.

8. clothes and enough diapers

A small backpack/Diaper bag with a change of clothes for the kids and enough diapers in case of a delay. There are changing tables in the lavatory. Please do not change your baby on the tray table; it’s just not right. Those trays do not get clean as often as you think! Ewww

And don’t forget to just enjoy it while you can. Our kids might not want to travel with us the older they get, so we will soak it all up while we can! Travel on purpose as a family.






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