Eating Healthy while Traveling – 5 Tips

By Adventure CAMPitelli

A healthy lifestyle is very important to our family and we found it’s a little trickier on the road where there are unfamiliar foods and not always accessible grocery stores. Here are 5 tips that helped keep us on track:


1. Pack Healthy Snacks In A Day Pack

This included packing snacks in our suitcases.  A box or two of protein bars can work wonders as a meal replacement while exploring. Kids are always hungry, so we loaded up on crackers, popcorn, dried fruits, nut free granola bars, applesauce, and other portable snacks. At various destinations, we would go to local corner stores (mainly 7-elevens in Asia) and look for things like raw nuts, cheeses, bananas, and apples. This made a huge difference in keeping us full and not craving for sweets.

2. Drink Lots Of Water

Bring water bottles instead of having to buy sugary drinks while out and about. We brought our insulated bottles that kept our water cool. In SE Asia, you will have to purchase bottled water but buy big ones and refill your bottles to reduce plastic consumption.

3. Cook Your Own Meals

We shopped for groceries and prepared as many of our meals as we could instead of eating out. This way we controlled our portions and ingredients.  We book Airbnbs fairly often so we can make use of a kitchen. We saved big bucks too as eating out gets expensive.


4. Big Restaurant Portions Can Be Shared

Just like in restaurants back home, portions tend to be huge at restaurants so we would often order a few dishes and share them. This way, you get to try local foods but not overeat and regret it. It’s easier on the budget too! 

5. Occasional Indulgence Is A Must!

You have to be realistic. You are on a vacation so occasional sweets are okay and they are fun to try in foreign countries. We tried Mango sticky rice and coconut ice cream in Thailand, Balinese pancakes in Bali, Gelato in Italy, Rainbow cotton candy in Japan and Acaii bowls in Hawaii’s North Shore. Ummm….how could we not?



Adventure CAMPitelli

Hello! We are Adventure CAMPitelli, a family of four (2 kids, 2 adults) who love adventures whether its hiking in our own backyard in the Rocky Mountains in Alberta, Canada to exploring different countries around the world. We like to blaze our own trail and find hidden gems off the beaten path.

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