When the Going Gets Tough - Must-Read Photo Captions from Family Travelers

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Most of us have experienced it – nappy change while in a rush to check in at the airport, meltdowns during a flight, potty breaks anywhere, mess (and more mess).

And oh, not to mention the mosquito bites, jet lag, snacks (and more snacks), lost toys (followed by tantrums), and all other nuisances of traveling with kids.

Yes, we all have our stories to tell.

Despite all these, we can all agree that traveling with kids is the best experience ever.

They say a picture paints a thousand words. To get a glimpse of how amazing traveling with kids can be, we asked family travelers to caption this photo.


Their answers reveal so much about the fun, stress, and surprises of traveling with kids which you most probably can relate to!

Have fun reading!

“What? They’re all sleeping? Time to start crying” - @flashpacking_family

“Last man standing.” @adventureswiththehegers

“My master plan to take over the world is falling into place...or was that just my diaper.”  @carpingthediems

“They finally fell asleep, now I can really go explore this train.” - @alwaysonthegofamily

“Sums up my life in one picture.” - @jenee_sc

“Yep, I got this, definitely the cutest in this pic.” - @mywelltraveledfriend

“They’re finally asleep, step 1 of my evil plan complete.”- @adventurecampitelli

“Now that they’re asleep, it’s time to have some real fun.” - @ourtravelsoup

“Time to do what I want.” - @globetrotterkin

“They think it’s time to rest but I have other plans for my fam.” - @familybeachtravel

“They all have fallen asleep. Time for me to be hungry or need a diaper change.” - @monicaplus_2

“Who needs sleep when I can party all night.” @tuktuksandtoddlers

“Send caffeine!” @agirlwandering

“Look who’s in charge now.” @three.little.trees

“Sleep training for the win.” @patseyfamilytravels

“I run this show.” @oursquadabroad

“Feed me the cabbage? I will knock you with my diaper.” @thewanderfuladventure

“And they said I needed sleep.” @tinytraveltwo

How about you, if you would caption this photo, what would it be?

We also played a little game on who can give us the funniest caption for the photo above where the winner would receive a prize.

We’d like to announce that the winner is @carpingthediems! Congratulations on winning a $20 Amazon Gift Card!

Experienced family travelers will tell you the same thing – plan for everything but let go of expectations.  Even the best-laid plans can go awry. Kids are unpredictable. But they are smart. Energetic. Always willing to explore the things around them. More than anything, they are always grateful – appreciating every single place and moment shared with you. And that makes kids the best travel buddies ever!

So, book that flight you’ve been dreaming about. Don’t worry about the nappy changes, jet lag, potty breaks, meltdowns, and the mess. You are going to get over it all. But you can’t miss having a trip of a lifetime with the most important little people in your life.

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  • Alexandra on

    Haha! This photo is hilarious! Comments are also super fun, but as a mother myself I can feel the pain of every parent who commented!

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