What type of accommodation should I choose?

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Many parents ask themselves what type of accommodation would be better when travelling with kids: hotel, villa, apartment, etc. I would say that the criteria for choosing the place to stay are different. So in this post I will not discuss hotel versus apartment, but main issues to have in mind when making a choice.

Follow recommendations made by families with children

In the first place, and I believe you will agree, cleanliness of the place is essential. If possible, go to places that other friends or relatives have tested. Otherwise, spend some time on the Internet, reading travelers’ opinions and even looking at the pictures they uploaded. And make sure you concentrate on recommendations made by families with children, as others may care less about this aspect. It is true that you cannot be 100% sure that the tastes are alike, but you can make an impression based on the report between good and bad comments.

Quality of the food

Second, but equally important especially if you choose an all-inclusive package, is the quality of the food. Babies and children are highly exposed to food poisoning and allergies, due to an immature system, and you don’t want to spend the holiday on treatment and diet or even worse, in hospital. So pay a special attention to this aspect. There are some places where they have special dishes for children and persons with health problems, you can ask about this before booking, especially if you are with small children.

Location, location, location

Location of the accommodation place is as well an aspect to consider. If you are travelling by plane and you’re planning to visit a lot, choose a hotel or villa or apartment that is close to a public transportation hub. In case you are just going to the seaside for a lazy week, book a place near the beach. And make sure not only that the distance is short, but that the access is easy. I’m warning you about this, because we had an unpleasant experience about it – we took an apartment in a hotel 200 m from the beach, T. was 3 and A. was 10 months, and we discovered that the distance was correct, but we had to descend (and of course, ascend on the way back) a rocky hill, with some artificial steps, a nightmare…

Book in advanced! No matter what type of accommodation you choose

It is my opinion that these are the key marks you should follow when making a choice. And I am again confident that – no matter the budget – you can find a place that will offer you and your children the comfort you need. And one more thing: always book in advance. Don’t leave in a trip with kids without knowing where you are going. The adventure is nice, but you don’t want to get somewhere when the kids need to sleep and visit eight-ten locations because they are all full…

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