We asked: What's the best thing about traveling with kids? The answers were very interesting...

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Few weeks ago we asked our audience and subscribers: What's the best thing about traveling with kids?

As a kids’ travel guides’ publisher we were very curious to hear… And we were so happy to get a lot of cooperation. The answers inspire us and encourage us to continue creating more travel guides for you!

Here are some of the answers. What do you think about it? Do you feel the same? Any insight?

Anne Yedlin-Millett        

I love traveling with my children because we get to experience new things together and make awesome memories!

Shannon Flannery           

My parents took us on road trips every summer and those were some of my fondest memories. My Dad would have us read books about each place we were visiting and try to teach us about it.

Luli Gumis          

I don´t have kids yet but I think is to create memories in them and teach them that there are different places, different people and cultures and we all share this same planet.

Astrid H Vlahakis             

I think traveling with our kids is a great way to make lasting memories with family and or friends. Nothing better than that <3

Justine Durrant

The best thing traveling with kids is appreciating the small things they notice that we would otherwise miss

Gemille Sleweon             

Great info for people with children. I don't have kids, but my favorite thing about traveling with my parents and siblings is singing along to music

Nidhi Fouzdar   

Best thing about travelling with kids is you never feel bore and the whole trip turns out to be adventorous

Kalyon S Rao     

Its the memories we carry for life and the experiences we cherish to remember. And they also get to see new places and experience the joy of travelling.....! thanks

Catherine Shane Cabuhat            

the best bonding as family to be close to each other and make them realized how much happy as one family

Shelley Marushak Langelaar       

I loved traveling with my parents when I was a kid -- lots of great memories that I hold near and dear

Renee Gladden Kemper               

I love making memories with my kids. I love how much they enjoy the new experiences and how much they can learn from traveling to new places.

Laurie Bell McLean         

The best thing about traveling with kids is seeing their reaction to new places. Their curiosity and enthusiasm make it all worthwhile.

Paige Marie       

This is such a great giveaway! The best thing about traveling with kids is to get a chance to experience everything through their eyes!

Melissa Cushing               

The memories made are for sure my favorite thing period! Love traveling, and I love traveling in the car as road trips are my favorite!

Colby Holiday    

I think the best thing about traveling with kids is that it brings out your inner kid as well.

Elle Em

I love seeing my kid's eyes when they see a totally different landscape. They look mesmerized.

Kumamon Jeng

Traveling with kids will give them the best memory when they grow up, that money can’t buy.

Jackie Lee           

The whole experience! I love seeing how excited the kiddo gets when he finds something new.

Twinkle Bhayana             

the best part is that you get a chance to live a childhood once again. :)

Katrina Ellen      

Travel with kids is such a great opportunity to show them the world

Mary John          

Such a wonderful giveaway. Traveling with kids is always so exciting!

Navita Deshpande          

Kids can actually inspire you to explore new as they are so curious and adaptable!

Ken Langworthy              

Seeing your kids joy when they experience things for the first time.

Jarv Mark           

All the ruckus, cries and mishaps. Cause those will stick forever.

Nina Kasper       

I personally don’t have children but love reading everyone’s thoughts!

Heather Castillo               

love watching them explore and have fun.

Dorothy Reinhold            

I love to experience things through their eyes! So fun!

Courtney Blacher            

The best thing about traveling with kids is watching how excited and happy they are.

Inbar Shahak     

getting all the great photos together as memories

Danielle Lucia Schaffer

The memories we all make together

Daisy Teh            

Witnessing how happy they are during the trips :)

Fatima D Torres               

You get to explore more and answer all the wonderful questions about life.

Rebecca Kemp Pogir      

I’m currently travelling in Europe with my kids we are having a blast despite the heat !

Becca Wilson     

I absolutely love seeing their eyes light up as they see new things

Neha Anil Rajadhyaksha               

There always a lot of entertainment!

Helene Cohen Bludman

The best thing about traveling with kids is the games we play, like I Spy.

Kaylee Shaw      

We travel a great deal! People ask how we do it without electrics and on my own. I would agree with a lot of these tips

David Elliott       

best thing about traveling with kids is seeing their reactions to the amazing things around them.

Indrani Ghose   

Great giveaway. I always enjoy traveling with my kids.

Sophia John       

wow this is best way to making moments great

Susan A Zupnyk                

To watch the joy in their eyes experiencing something for the first time

Kacie Morgan   

The best thing about travelling with kids is that it helps bring out your fun side :)

Armelle Dee      

This moments are priceless. Sharing memories that we will all cherish forever

Anvita Bhatnagar             

The best thing for me is that it’s a perfect time to bond and spend time together enjoying as a family.

Susan Quackenbush       

For me it is watching their joy and excitement.

Vyjay Rao           

The best thing about traveling with kids is that you yourself become a kid.

Alison Pennock Netzer

Creating family memories and bonding and watching them assimilate and adapt to new experiences.

Jen Murphy       

So fun and have a great time together. Such a precious moment.

Brittany Clark-Charnley

I love watching my daughter explore!

Jessica May        

I love all the interesting conversations!

Jessi Joachim     

I think the best thing about traveling with kids is just their pure enthusiasm and love of adventure.

Kimberly Caines               

The best thing... Having your kid there with you to spend quality time with. Yay for family time!

Jacqui Odell       

Seeing things through their eyes.

Jen Smith            

For me the best about traveling, is your having fun and a time of your life.

Melissa Cushing               

I love this... road trips are my favorite!

Karlyn Cruz        

are learning with their experiences and, they are making amazing memories

Melissa Bradbury            

How much the kids enjoy new experiences.

Nico Ferre          

To make a lot of memories and have a look at the things with another perspective ;)

Robert Wilkinson             

Making memories with them. Life can be short. Travelling is an education.

Melodi Steinberg             

Seeing the excitement through their eyes!

Vicky Perreault

Getting to spend quality time and exploring the world through their eyes.

Clair Mozingo Cook        

This is an awesome giveaway! Great post about traveling with kids!

Moralda GD       

I don't have kids but traveled with my nieces and nephews and it was a great experience.

Melanie Poulos Walsh   

The best thing is instilling a love and appreciation for the world in them!

Andrea Broom  

The wonderful memories you make and also that you give them, i still remember all of the trips we took as kids

Carol Niem Arjona          

Travelling with your kids is the most awesome part and feelings for them because they always feel that you have a time for them

Kacie Morgan    

What a great deal! Sounds like a lovely prize

Carlos Lara         

Seeing their excitement!!

Krista Olson       

How exciting and new everything is!

Afshan Mubin   

Get a lot to eat every half an hour

Angelle Laborde              

Making sweet new memories.

Chelsea Parker

What a wonderful giveaway!!

Inbar Shahak     

coming back home... just kidding

Kayla Rose Dyer

Making memories.

Cassie Marie      

Making amazing memories

Lindsey Burton-Harrison              

Best thing, is exploring with them

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  • Dalene Ekirapa on

    ’Its the memories we carry for life and the experiences we cherish to remember. ’ That I agree; the memories are always so much and so fun and actually helps with bonding the family even more.

  • Danielle on

    Aw I love this! I love traveling with my family! So many memories are made and they will never be forgotten!

  • swathi on

    Making memories while travelling with kids, It will be fun at the same time, we need to keep them engaged otherwise they will get bored easily.

  • Princess Quinn on

    I like all the answers you received! I also love traveling with my kids as I get to have more fun and adventure.

  • Elle (CleverlyChanging) on

    Our families live far away so we go on roadtrips. We have a lot of fun traveling and reading together so this interview really resonated with me.

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