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Planning a family ski vacation?

Whether it’s the first time for your kids to experience the wonders of a skiing vacation, or whether they have already it the slopes before, the Kids’ Travel Guide – Ski  is a terrific addition to your luggage.

Combining fun, education, and practical information. Your kids can enjoy completing the different activities whilst you can be reassured that they are soaking up safety information and skiing / snowboarding tips at the same time.

Perhaps your child is a little apprehensive about trying something new?  The details about skiing school and lessons are sure to make them eager to get started!  Building their confidence and preparing them for what to expect on their holiday is a major feature of the guide.

So, what’s covered in Kids’ Travel Guide – Ski?

Pre-Travel of your family ski vacation


Before you even leave home on your family ski vacation your kids can get more an idea of what their snow vacation will be about.  Pages on packing help them feel more involved in the trip from the start, and they can build their excitement and anticipation (as well as their fitness levels!) by doing some of the easy recommended exercises.  Pages for detailing who they will be travelling with, where they are going, and their expectations also help to get kids ready for their trip.

There is also cool information about the origins of skiing and snowboarding and myths associated with the sports – it’s definitely not dull!  For example, did you know that skiing played an important part in wartimes in snowy countries?

Whilst Away


Maintaining your children’s safety on the slopes will be a high priority for your family ski vacation, and the Kids’ Travel Guide – Ski helps to reinforce important safety advice and what to do in a variety of different situations.  A page dedicated to a Safety Quiz, as well as puzzles, activities, and mini-quizzes throughout help your kids to remember practical information … and have fun at the same time.

Sections on special language used within the sports, as well as the names for different types of snow stop your kids from feeling overwhelmed and confused.

Your kids can see how to wear their boots correctly, learn how to attach their ski pass, see why wearing a helmet is essential, read about goggles, and get handy tips about other equipment too.  There is also a section dedicated to explaining the different skiing trails and their colour codes.


Reading about how to get up if they fall, what to do if snow gets in their boots, and how to deal with things if they cannot snap into their bindings should help kids to feel a bit more confident.  It also helps them to feel more familiar with snow sports in general.

There is also information and activities related to ski school, après-ski activities, and the village.  Children can document what they did away from the slopes too, such as night time activities in the resort, shopping, and sightseeing.

When the family vacation ended… 


Your kids can record their experiences and feelings in the journal section, giving them a wonderful reminder of a brilliant family vacation.  There are more fun activities and quizzes to help beat post trip blues (or keep the kids entertained on the flight home!), and your kids can stick some of their favourite trip photos in the book, making the perfect keepsake.

Activities in Kids’ Travel Guide – Ski


We’ve mentioned quizzes and activities that help your kids to enjoy the book whilst also remembering the contents … but what are they?!  There is a varied selection to keep your kids interested and also to give them plenty of ways to have fun during the quieter periods of the day.  There are colouring activities, matching exercises, photo-taking tasks, questions to answer, trivia quizzes, naming pictures, watching back a video of them skiing and analysing their technique, a word search, and more!  Jokes, top tips, and fun facts all add to the appeal.

Add more to your kids’ skiing and snowboarding adventure with the wonderful Kids’ Travel Guide – Ski, available to buy now through Amazon.

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