Pretty European Towns to Explore with the Kids

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Whether you look at the humongous Alps or the gorgeous islands of the sparkling Mediterranean Sea, the superb beauty of Europe is clear to see.  The interesting architectural monuments, historical ruins, quaint towns, and charming cobbled streets have long attracted travellers to explore this enchanting part of the world.

Picturesque and filled with interesting details, there are some European towns that look like they come straight from the pages of a fairy tale!

If you want to get out of the big cities (although they are often lots of fun!) and explore some of Europe’s smaller towns with your kids, here are some that are often popular for a fantastic time as a family:

Reine, Norway


Does your family love being by the water?  If so, Norway’s Reine is highly recommended. Known as one of the finest fishing villages in all of Europe, it was also named the most beautiful town in Norway.   Jagged mountains provide the perfect scenic backdrop to the shimmering waters, and your kids can enjoy active days of fishing and boating.  Whale-watching trips are often a big hit, and you can also spend fun times hiking and biking.  There is plenty of cute and cosy accommodation in converted fishermen’s cottages and the rolling meadows offer heaps of space fr children to run and play whilst at one with nature.

Rothenberg, Germany

Rothenberg is a stunning medieval town that is known for its dreamy vibe.  Located in Bavaria, a stay in the town is like taking a step back in time.  You can have fun wandering the old streets that are lined with striking buildings, admiring the views from the top of the Town Hall’s Tower, strolling round the Market Place, popping into historic churches, seeing the photogenic Plonlein,and more!  It is also a great base for visiting the rest of Bavaria’s gems.  From the rolling Danube plains and soaring Alps to the attractive castles and even more lovely towns and villages, there is plenty to keep the whole family occupied and happy.

Manarola, Italy



Italy’s Manarola is often said to be one of the prettiest towns of all times.  With rainbow-coloured houses built besides the glistening turquoise waters of the Mediterranean, it is a true feast for the eyes!  A charming little coastal town, there are lots of hiking opportunities and if you take the kids to the road that covers a stream they will probably be amazed that they can still hear the running water – despite not being able to see any!  Quaint churches, and old water wheel, and tunnels through the hills all add to the area’s appeal.  There is tasty seafood and your kids can watch the small fishing boats bobbing about on the water before returning with the day’s catch.

Pucisca, Croatia

Croatia is, undoubtedly, one of Europe’s most beautiful countries.  It is the home to various beautiful towns Pucisca  has a certain something about it that makes it even more special.  The stone architecture here is nothing less than exquisite art!  Sitting on an island, there is also a good selection of beaches for the kids to enjoy when you want some time out from exploring and soaking up the culture.  There are old settlements, monuments, churches, and more to enjoy.

Bruges, Belgium


Belgium’s Bruges has something for everyone.  Take a trip along the canals, discover the area from the back of a horse-drawn carriage, admire the views from the top of the Belfry, visit interesting museums and churches, and, for the adults (of course!) sample some of the town’s tasty beers.  The Choco-Story Museum is popular with people of all ages – and, there’s even samples!

This is just a tiny selection of the numerous gorgeous towns across Europe.  Some other favourites include Portugal’s Sintra, Slovenia’s Bled, Arosa in Switzerland, Denmark’s Ribe, Potes in Spain, France’s Annecy … there really are too many to list!

Where did your family find particularly lovely?  And, what things did you enjoy doing there?

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