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While London may not be your first idea when planning a family vacation, it should be. London loves children, like Prince George, and has many kid friendly excursions. think Museums and palaces are great choices, but also think of children’s’ theatres, a battleship for exploring, tour guides in authentic clothing, and family friendly restaurants. The locals adore young people and many of the family entertainments are free or discounted. You will find Londoners presenting your children with scones, biscuits, and small tokens of their appreciation.  They truly go out of their way to give directions, advice, and hints to make your family experience one of a lifetime. London is the ultimate locale for a family get away.

5 Reasons Why to Take the Kids with You to London

  1. There is truly an attraction for each member of the family to enjoy; the options are endless when visiting London as a family
  2. British history comes alive for children with hands on activities and guides in authentic costumes
  3. London is family friendly and caters to the entire family
  4. Free or discounted attractions for the entire family abound
  5. The Tube is convenient for family travel to London attractions and free for children aged five and under
  6. British history comes alive for children with hands on activities and guides in authentic costumes

Things You Need to Know When Getting Ready to Travel to London

  • Leave the stroller at home; the paths and sidewalks are not conducive to strollers. And getting a stroller on the Tube might be a nightmare. The Tube is free for children under five. Use a body sling carrier for your infant and hop on.
  • All of the pubs are family friendly until 9:00 pm. Many of the pubs have family areas with clowns, crayons for drawing, and special menus. London loves children!
  • Walking is fun because the children can see so many interesting people and sites. And when taking the Tube, you will find all the stops are strategically located close to the attractions.
  • Many of the theatres cater to children. The Lyceum, Cambridge, and Greenwich theatres all show several children’s plays throughout the year. At any given time, there are several options to choose from for children’s plays.
  • You will need comfortable walking shoes because at times the streets and walkways are uneven and constructed of stone. January and February can be cold, so bring a lightweight coat. The best months for travel are July and August with average temperatures in the mid-70˚. October is the rainy month. There are many park and bench offerings for when the children get tired. People watching in London is an event in itself.
  • Plan ahead and order a driver to and from the airport, as the 20-minute ride by taxi from Heathrow to London would be quite costly. Consider a house or apartment and check out for options, as it will give you more space to accommodate the family.


Our 7 Top Recommendations:

HMS Belfast

After a long plane ride, the children will be ready to let off some steam and energy. The HMS Belfast, a former WWII warship, excursion is the perfect spot. It has nine childproof decks to explore.

Important to Know When You are Taking the Kids:

  • The decks are safe for children.
  • The family can explore, touch, and pretend to steer every aspect of the retired ship.
  • The ships attendants may ask you child to pretend perform a ship duty.
  • Check out the other ships nearby, modern and historic.


Natural History Museum

A Diplodocus replica is on display at the Natural History Museum of London. Credit: Drow male

This free adventure is a must for your itinerary. The kids will absolutely love building a mock volcano, identifying birds, exploring the world of dinosaurs, experiencing different weather conditions, and locating animals that camouflage themselves in nature. And there is no cost for entry. Take the South Kensington Tube stop and plan on spending a few hours at the museum. The museum is located on Cromwell Road.

Important to Know When You are Taking Kids

  • Wear play clothes as some of the displays involve getting messy. And since you will be there for several hours, wear your walking, closed toed shoes.
  • The children may be tired after this excursion, so plan an easy evening.
  • In the Wild Life Garden there are butterflies, dragonflies, and birds. If you have a child who is afraid of those creatures, skip this part, or give them fair warning.
  • It is free of charge. The only exception might be a visiting exhibit, but plenty of notice and price are always posted.
  • The daily hours are 10:00-5:50


The Tower of London

The Tower of London

Built in the 1080s, The Tower of London has been a prison, museum, crown jewelry hold, military armor storage, and a zoo. Your kids will love the tour guides. They are authentic dressed Yeoman Warders. Your guide will lead your family all over the tower, and tells stories to thrill everyone. You or a family member may be invited to participate in a historic reenactment such as a mock sword fight or marching like a soldier. There is seating sprinkled all over for when anyone needs to rest. The Tower is large and you could spend the whole day there. Everyone will love this stroll into London history.

Important to Know When You are Taking Kids

  • Wear comfortable shoes. There is a ton of walking up and down stairs as well as on rustic stones.
  • Take lightweight jackets for the children, the inside areas can be damp and chilly.
  • Children under age sixteen are discounted.
  • You can book tickets online or by phone. By phone bookings have a small fee.
  • Children under age five are free.
  • Hours of operation fluctuate by seasons and days of the week (winter or summer) and can be found at

Unicorn Theater

While the Lyceum, Cambridge, and Greenwich theatres will hold plays appropriate for children, the Unicorn is exclusively a children’s theatre. All of the performances have been written and crafted by and for children. But parents will be thrilled as well. You cannot visit London without tasting the drama of the region. While the plays at such places as the reconstructed replica Globe might be too much for your children, you will find the Unicorn to be just right!

Important to Know When You are Taking Kids

  • There is a pre-show Touch Tour offered of the facility. You can touch the stage, scenes, costumes, and meet the actors. Again, prices vary depending on the performance.
  • It is small venue only seating thirty-five. Buy your tickets the minute you arrive in London to ensure you get seats.
  • Tickets can be purchased at the website.
  • It is located at 147 Tooley Street in Southwark.
  • The theatre is wheel chair and stroller accessible.
  • There is an on-site café.
  • Prices vary depending on the performance.


Horniman Museum and Gardens

Opened to the public on Christmas Eve 1890, by Frederick John Horniman, a passionate collector of artifacts and art objects from around the world, Horniman Museum and Gardens is officially recognized today as an important educational and relaxation spot in London, for the entire family to enjoy.

Exhibitions are divided into several modules (Anthropology, Aquarium, Natural History, Gardens, Music Gallery, etc.) and is quite unique due to the fact that most of the objects can be not only seen, but touched and tried. Various workshops and events are organized here every day. Awarded “Family Friendly Museum 2013”, Horniman is a must-see during your trip to London.

Things you need to know when taking the kids:

  • As his creator aimed this as a way of enriching people’s experience and knowledge and opened it to all public, the Museum (except the Aquarium) has free entrance;
  • A food and drinks space, as well as picnic areas are available;
  • The museum includes baby-changing facilities and is full accessible for strollers.

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