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Kids’ Travel Guide to Bangkok makes your family vacation more fun and enrichment! Take a look inside

Are you planning a family trip to Bangkok?

Wondering how to prepare your kids for the sights, sounds, and general mayhem that is Thailand’s capital city?  Get them ready with the help of the Kids’ Travel Guide – Bangkok!

Combining information, activities, fun facts, top tips, and cool images, it isn’t another destination overview for children.  Rather, it is a fun learning tool that helps your kids to really become immersed and engaged in their adventure, starting from before they even leave your home!

Kids’ Travel Guide – Bangkok helps with Pre-Travel Activities

Kids are encouraged to help with their own packing to make them feel like they are part of the trip’s planning; this helps them to feel more involved overall and also helps them to look forward to their trip.  They can use the packing check list in Kids’ Travel Guide – Bangkok to make sure that they haven’t forgotten anything important.  Don’t worry, we know that the bulk of the packing will (and should!) be done by you, the parents!  After all, a case full of toys won’t be very helpful when you reach the other side of the world!

In Kids’ Travel Guide – Bangkok There is a page dedicated to detailing who will be travelling and encouraging your child to interview others to record their opinions about the forthcoming trip.

BK Pre

Maps help children to understand where about in the world they will be visiting, and a city map encourages kids to find their hotel and see where they will be staying in relation to some of the main city sights.

Reading in advance about the many things to see and do in Bangkok can help to ease any pre-vacation nerves – your kids will likely be far too excited to find any time to worry!

During the Trip

All information is arranged into easy to read and easy to remember sections – perfect for young travelers.

In Kids’ Travel Guide – Bangkok Your kids will find a varied selection of attractions and activities, designed to appeal to a wide range of interests.

The city overview provides basic details, which are then expanded upon as kids progress through the book and complete the different fun activities.  Some key historical events are presented so as to be interesting for children and they help your kids to understand what shaped the city into what it is today.

Children can learn about the different modes of transportation available in Bangkok, including buses, the skytrain, and the iconic tuk tuks.  By recording the different types of transportation that they use during their stay in Bangkok, kids are often keen and eager to try as many as possible!

Kids can learn about the city’s main attractions, including the Grand Palace, important and historical temples, interesting museums, and the lively Chinatown.

BK Museums_0

Like animals, park or garden?

If your kids like animals they will enjoy the sections on Dusit Zoo, Safari World, snake farms, and butterfly gardens.  There are pages about some of Bangkok’s nicest parks and gardens – perfect for escaping the hustle and bustle of the city for a while!  Ask your kids how Lumpini Park got its name …

Your kids can learn about the different ways to shop in Bangkok – from the gleaming malls to the busy markets and fascinating floating markets, there are so many options. Kids needn’t be worried about the street food scene either – they will see that there are many ways to get a tasty meal in Bangkok!

BK Shopping

Theme parks, water parks, and fabulous shows are just a few other things that your kids will find inside the pages of the Kids’ Travel Guide – Bangkok.

Post Vacation Activities

Inside Kids’ Travel Guide – Bangkok there is a summary and journal section for children to complete at the end of the trip, inviting them to think again about all the terrific things that they saw and experienced.  This also means that the book acts as a great reminder of the holiday long after you have all returned home back to everyday life.  The puzzles and games at the end of the book can be a wonderful way to keep kids occupied on the return flight home!

What Activities are There?

The different activities in the Kids’ Travel Guide – Bangkok have been designed so as to appeal to children of different ages and help to develop and practice diverse skills.

Skills that kids will need to use include reading, writing, maths, comprehension, logic, artistic, and evaluating.

Activities include quizzes, word searches, grouping exercises, gap fills, matching exercises, multiple choice questions, writing short accounts, coloring, drawing, taking pictures, giving their opinions and preferences … and more!

BK transport_0

The Kids’ Travel Guide – Bangkok makes visiting Thailand’s capital heaps more fun, with added meaning and engagement on the part of your kids.  And, after all, happy kids usually equal happy parents – so everyone can have a fabulous family holiday and create precious memories for the future!

You can purchase the book online from Amazon.  And, don’t forget, there is also a special guide for Thailand book too, giving an even greater overview of culture, history, symbols, language, currency, etc

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