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Heading to London for a family trip?  Are you keen and eager for the kids to love this exciting and vibrant city as much as you?  Why not give them a copy of the Kids’ Travel Guide – London to keep them entertained and engaged?

Created especially for children, the guide features lots of activities and information suitable for young travellers.  Kids can learn, have fun, and enjoy their trip, all at the same time.  Lightweight and easy to carry, it is easy to slip into your bag wherever you go in the city.

Pre-trip activities help your kids to prepare for their adventure and know a little bit about what to expect in the city.  There are heaps of cool sections for during the trip, and the reflective diary and journal entries throughout are a terrific reminder of their vacation after they have returned home.

What Information Can My Children Find in the Book?

All information is condensed into easy to read and easy to remember sections – it certainly isn’t boring!

Information in the book is a variety of interesting facts about London, fascinating and fun things that your kids probably didn’t already know, useful tips, and practical matters.  The topics are diverse.

An overview of the city gives kids the basics, which are then expanded upon as they work their way through the book.  The juicy history section is written in a way to spark imagination, and the orientation pages, complete with maps, helps kids to see where about the city is within the UK.

Pg 15

Transportation to London is covered, as well as the different modes of getting around the city.  Your children will be invited to list the different transport that they use whilst travelling around.  Do you know the story of Paddingdon Bear? Your children will after reading this part of the book!

Major sights and attractions are covered, including Buckingham Palace, the Tower of London, Trafalgar Square, and the London Eye.  Ask your kids how tall the towering London Eye is!

Popular parks and gardens are covered, and animal-loving kids will enjoy reading about (and visiting!) the zoo, aquarium, and inner city zoos.

Young visitors can get excited about the array of different theme parks available and adventurous kids might like to visit some of the spooky London attractions.  Don’t worry though, there are options that are child-friendly and won’t give the kids nightmares!

Pg 33

Museums that are suitable for children are presented in an interesting light – don’t be surprised if your kids actually ask to go to a museum!

Children who love to shop will be pleased, and there’s even a cool section that deals with the fantastic shows and performances that are available in London.

In short, there really is something to cater to all tastes and interests!

What do the Activities Involve?

There is a wide range of different activities to appeal to kids of varying ages.  The goal is for kids to learn more about London whilst having fun, as well as practicing a variety of useful transferable skills.

As well as practicing their reading and writing, children will also have the chance to practice map reading, improve comprehension skills, develop skills in logic, enhance their knowledge of geography, and develop their artistic abilities.

The different activities include word searches, matching exercises, quizzes, rearranging letters, grouping exercises, gap fills, colouring, drawing, taking pictures, short written accounts, opinion giving … and more!

Pg 31

The onsite exercises that encourage children to look around a place and tick the things that they see or follow brief instructions to complete a section are particularly popular.

Why Should I Buy This Book?

Your kids will not only see the sights and experience the lively city but they will also have greater insight and understanding.  They will learn on their vacation … at the same time as having fun!  This process of learning more about places helps to keep your kids engaged in your trip … you won’t feel like you are dragging them to places that are of little interest to them.  Kids and adults can enjoy the city.

Your kids are likely to share the interesting facts that they learn about London with you.  Whilst you may already know many of them this dialogue helps you to see the city afresh through the eyes of your child, regaining a sense of child-like wonder and curiosity yourself.

Pg 19

The Kids’ Travel Guide – London will answer many of the questions that your children have about London, making them feel more at ease about going away from home and exploring a new and strange place.  This increased comfort can lead to greater confidence in general when it comes to taking trips and being away from home.  It helps kids to adapt to being out of their comfort zone.

Have you ever sat on a plane, on a train, or in a bus and wondered what you can do next with the children to keep them entertained?  Have you ever experienced those restless moments whilst waiting for a food order to arrive in a restaurant or times of boredom when in the room before bedtime?  The different daily activities can be used at quieter times of the day / evening to fill the gaps in your time and prevent kids from getting bored and / or restless.

Keeping your kids entertained and amused also makes for a much more peaceful time for the parents!  You can use the book as special time together to reflect on each day of the trip, or allow kids their own quiet time and talk about what they have discovered later on.

It is also a great keepsake from the holiday long after you have all returned home.  Your children can look back and relive those happy memories made in London.

Overall, the Kids’ Travel Guide – London makes visiting the UK’s capital city a lot more fun and meaningful for EVERYONE!  Have a great time with your kids in London!

The Kids’ Travel Guide – London is now available to buy online.

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