Kids’ Travel Guide – Italy. A parent point of view.

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I purchased the Kids’ Travel guide – Italy by FlyingKids for my little boy from Amazon. I was looking for something that would get him excited for the trip, keep him busy while on the flight and something he could have to keep as a reminder of the holiday. In my mind I had like a little travel diary, but when I saw this I knew it would be perfect. The book incorporates a holiday diary alongside a reference book with everything you need to know about Italy.

I gave it to my son at the same time I told him we were going to Italy, and the first time he opened it we went through it together. He was excited about the prospect of visiting a new country and his interest was piqued looking through the book.

The best part of the book is that it is kept completed relatable to children, my son who is 7 was able to do most of the activities in the book on his own and with some spelling help he was able to fill out everything from the quiz near the end of the book to the travel journal at the back. This book was everything I had hoped it would be, and more. A little travel companion taking the form of a boy about the same age as my son (called Leonardo) appears from the first page right through to the end of the book offering helpful tips and information for children.

The front page is simple, just a title and a picture of Leonardo, as we open it up we get the usual bits and bobs that come in the beginning of a book. Next we have a letter written to parents about what the guide is about and then the next page is where the fun starts with an introduction to Leonardo and what the book is all about. Then we have a page that is all about the holiday, encouraging the child to outline what they will be doing on their holiday. Next the book asks the child ‘Who is Travelling?’ intending for the child to write all about their self (with space for a picture!) and their family, their ages and what they are most excited about on their trip. Then we have a page to help the child to remember some important things to pack and leaves some space for the child to write their own items that they may want to take that aren’t listed.

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From Page 9 onwards the book takes the shape of a reference book for children, it is all about Italy. It outlines the different cities of Italy and what they are famous for (think Milan and shopping, Naples and pizza) and some really great information and little ‘Did you Know’ which are really great and informative for children. We learn about the flag of Italy, the History of Italy and the Art of Italy too. My son absolutely loved the pages about the food of Italy, that got him very excited to try some authentic cuisine.Kids' Travel Guide - Italy

Later in the book there are some really helpful pages teaching children some basic Italian, what makes it different though is that it provides the English, the Italian and also a phonetic way of saying it. For instance, Ciao, Hello, Chow. Then we have a quiz all about Italy with easily accessible answers so it doesn’t get too stressful. We then have a summary of the trip with space for the child to write all about it. My son filled this out really well, and it gave me an indication of what he liked the most for planning future trips. The back pages are a journal with ample space for remembering what you did on your holiday.

My son adored this Kids’ Travel Guide and I felt it really helped him enjoy the holiday more, he was able to see on his book the places we were visiting and he even told me some facts that I didn’t even know. He got the opportunity to try out some Italian he had learned from the book which he was so proud of. He took the book to his school and got to stand up in front of his whole class and talk about his trip using the book as a reference. A few of the parents asked me where I had purchased it, so I think this is going to be a popular travel guide for the summer!

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