Kids’ Travel Guide – Germany Launch – Interview with the author Salome Gonstad

Germany Kids' Travel Guide Kids' Travel Guide - Germany

As you could hint from our Facebook page we have a brand new guide launching today… Kids’ Travel Guide – Germany!!! We are really excited about our brand new kids guide and like we got you used already we prepared a few surprises for you this week as well.

So keep an eye on our social media channels, our schedule event on Facebook and of course here on the blog as well.

First on the list is our interview with Salome Gonstad – the author of our brand new book – KIDS’ TRAVEL GUIDE – GERMANY.  Read more about Salome and the creation of the new guide below:


SalomeQ1: Hi Salome, thank you so much for agreeing with this interview. Can you please tell us a little bit about you?

I was born in the mountains of Appalachian Alabama and raised in the southern part of the state, where I grew up with alligators in my backyard. I graduated from the University of Alabama at Birmingham, where I earned a history degree and specialised in modern German history. Now I work as a freelance writer, which means I get to write about all kinds of things. I write reviews of movies and TV shows regularly and I also do many shorter jobs, where I write about everything from exercising to animals.

I travel a lot, usually between New York City and Alabama, but I like to go everywhere. My dream destination is either the Maldives or Old Friends Senior Dog Sanctuary. I love dogs! But I have only a 17-year-old cat.

Q2: Why did you want to write a children’s travel guide to Germany?

German culture has always been a big part of my life–my parents are from towns that were German settlements and they still celebrate Oktoberfest every year. Then when I was at UAB, I also took German language classes, and like most good language classes, we learned a lot about the country, its people, and its culture. Through that and my travels, I’ve really grown to love Germany, so I was excited to get the opportunity to introduce it to kids who are lucky enough to go there.

Q3: What did you enjoy most about writing this book? Which part of the book do you like the most?

As with most things, my favourite part is the history. In particular, I enjoyed the challenge of trying to explain Germany’s complicated history to children. And speaking of challenges, I also enjoyed the process of imagining Germany through a child’s eyes and figuring out what they would like to know when they travel. My nieces helped a lot with that!

Q4: Why should parents buy the Kids’ Travel Guide – Germany for their kids?

Well, there’s the obvious reason–this isn’t their parents’ travel guide. It’s tailored toward children and that means that everything was written with them in mind. There’s useful information in the book, like basic German phrases so they can really feel like worldly travelers, but there’s also plenty of activities so they can have some fun.

Q5: Is there a special message you would like to deliver to the kids who read this guide?

I’d just like them to know that it was very cool getting to write this for them. I hope that they like it and I hope that they like Germany as much I do. Have some extra Lebkuchen for me (but ask your parents first!).

Thank you so much for the interview, Salome! We truly appreciate your commitment to writing our new guide and for taking the time to give us this interview.

If you would like to follow Salome online please check her  LinkedIn profile below:


You can read more about our new travel guide and/or purchase it on Amazon following this link –

Kids' Travel Guide - Germany book cover

If you would like to preview our new Kids’ Travel Guide – Germany all you have to do is scroll through it below:

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