Family vacation in Paris with “Kids’ Travel Guide – Paris”

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Kids’ Travel Guide – Paris by FlyingKids is a travel guide written with the intention of keeping children entertained on their holidays. The first thing I noticed about the the Kids’ Travel Guide – Paris was that it immediately looks fun and vibrant, it is clearly a book intended for children. It is very attractive to look at and very much child orientated. At the front of the book is a parent page which just outlines for the parent what the book will be about and what it is for and how it should be used.

In the book we meet Leonardo who is the book’s personal guide, taking the form of a small boy with his very own wings. Leonardo is super relatable for children as he wears typical childlike clothing and looks like a typical little boy. Leonardo is a great feature of the book as it helps keep the guide relatable, which can be difficult for children, especially with a reference book such as this.

The beginning of the journey with Kids’ Travel Guide – Paris

The book starts with a nice little letter to parents on page 4 which outlines what’s to be expected in the book. From page 5 the kids part of the travel guide really starts to come into effect, with page 5 onward talking about the holiday.

On pages 8 and 9 is a great little edition called ‘Preparations at home’ which outlines items children may need to take that their parents may forget in the whirl of packing such as crayon and pens to keep themselves entertained. Another great addition is a word search on the following page. What I love about the word search is that it can be used alone by an older child or with some parental help with younger children giving ample opportunity for the parent and child to discuss their trip to France and what to expect.

Leonardo appears on almost every page of the book providing tasks and snippets of information helping to keep it relatable to small children. As a parent myself, I can imagine this being the perfect book to start filling out on the ferry or on the airplane to keep little hands busy and engaged throughout their journey to France.

The Kids’ Travel Guide – Paris outlines the different modes of transport you can take in Paris, the various historical places you can visit and of course the wonderful Monuments. Each monument has its own page in the book with information about the monument which is aimed towards children, keeping it fun and informative.

Visiting Paris attractions with Leonardo

Leonardo gives the kids a task to complete on each page too, such as writing down the street names around the monument of L’Arc de Triumph. I also liked how the names of the monuments are written in French and then again in English to help small children understand what it means and how we refer to it in English. I think my favourite page in the guide is the page for Notre-Dame Cathedral, the information included alongside the Cathedral here in this guide is great for small children and very well written.

Keeping the kids entertained

Throughout the travel guide, just to keep children entertained and engaged in the book, there are word searches, puzzles and cartoons which is great. The final page at the back has a little table for jotting down where the child visiting and what they did on their visit. I think this is a great sum up for the guide as they could easily take this page out and give it to their teachers at school or use it to jog their memory when talking about their visit with their friends.

This guide is absolutely fantastic for children, as most guides that are intended for the use of adults just contain plain text and reference images, this book does a lot more. Not only will it be a great book to take on holiday for learning and keeping children engaged on their foreign holiday it will also be a great keepsake for children to keep in a memory box or even frame it as a wonderful reminder of their holiday in France.

*written by Carla W, a parent.

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