Coming soon: Kids’ Travel Guide – Spain

Hello! I’m Leonardo,

I am here to tell you that we have some great news for all of you that love our Kids’ Travel Guides! 

We now have a brand new  Kids’ Travel Guide coming soon:  

Kids’ Travel Guide – SPAIN

Your kids can join me in discovering this wonderful country – its history and geography, flags and symbols, food and culture and even some useful words in Spanish! There will be of course some special tasks, quizzes and colouring activities for your kids too!

I will join your kids in every step of the journey, from packing at home to seeing the sights in Spain. And when you return home, the book will become a souvenir of your trip that kids can treasure for a lifetime.

The LAUNCH is only a month away – 16th January – and we have great surprises coming for you at the same time. So do watch our social media channels and our blog for news!


Kids' Travel Guide - Spain

Don’t forget about the Kids’ Travel Guides we already have available in Amazon US and Amazon UK stores.  Also, if you subscribe to our blog/newsletter we have a great offer for you! Check it out!


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