5 Food Tips when Traveling with Kids to Paris

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French cuisine is popular the world over.  The French have always been very passionate about their food and the way it is prepared. Their dishes are cooked using lots of cheese, cream, sauces and wine. However, there is a good chance that kids might not realize the company they’re in while walking into a French eatery and creating a ruckus over braised beef may not be unusual for them. Avoid that. The people of Paris love and welcome children, but they do expect them to behave. Yelling, screaming, and running around in restaurants is frowned upon, and you will never see French children doing this.

It is advisable to go early to the restaurant to avoid disturbing others as much as possible. French people usually don’t eat until after 8 pm, so 7 pm is a good time to go when the restaurants usually open. The Kids’ Travel Guide to Paris strongly urges you to consider the following options, when it comes to satiating your little ones’ hunger pangs.

5 Food Tips when Traveling with Kids to Paris

Try lots and lots of street food. Not only will it be cheaper, it will be tasty and will keep your children happy. The French capital is bubbling with a variety of food kiosks in every “arrondissement”:


You will find these stands serving both sweet and savory crêpes. They are a bit like pancakes, but thinner and more spread out. Your children can choose their own fillings – such as potatoes, honey, chicken, cheese, fruit, and Nutella.

Photo by By Roland Zumbühl (Picswiss), Arlesheim, CC-BY-SA-3.0

Falafel Stands

Falafel is a great vegetarian food option. Expect a blend of chickpeas and pulses, rolled into deep-fried, scrumptious balls (without the meat). You can find good quality, cheap falafel on Rue des Rosiers in the Marais.

American Fast Food: You will be able to spot some American diners sporadically placed across the city, for the usual burgers, sandwiches, and fries that no kid could say “no” to.

Brasseries and Cafés

These will be relatively cheaper than restaurants and bistros, and will serve you things such steak and fries, rotisserie chicken, omelets, sandwiches and soup.

Photo by Pat Guiney. CC BY 2.0

Restaurants and Bistros

Generally, if a place is named either of the two, expect higher prices. You might want to savor French cuisine at its best, with a dose of elegance, in a meal or two, while you’re still in Paris. Still, if you’re on a budget, either pick one of the apps we’ve recommended in this book to find the most suitable option for you (location and price-wise) or if you prefer to be adventurous, just stroll and look for ‘the one’. By law, French restaurant owners are required to place their menus outside their establishments, so you have the option to move on without embarrassment.


Like we suggested earlier, never underestimate the lure of Parisian gardens and parks. If you’re renting an apartment, especially, you can cook your own meals on some of the days, and go people watching with a picnic basket.

Fast Food Chains: It’s okay to spoil the kids every now and then. Paris has many branches of McDonald’s and Belgian hamburger chains. They are quick and serve addictive fast food. Pizza Hut is another option to save the day.

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