3 Great Low Volume Day Trips for Single Parents

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Have you ever thought about low volume day trips? well… I’m sure we’ve all felt a bit overwhelmed at times while spending time with our kids in places that have a lot of sights and sounds and people. As a single parent, my one set of eyes and ears is no match for all the distractions, and I find that maintaining a hyper-vigilant security mode is exhausting, unsustainable, and frankly, not a lot of fun. So, I’ve learned to search out the kinds of activities that will allow me to lower my wall a bit, so I can have fun right along with my kids. Here are three short day trips to consider when you feel like taking an excursion, but don’t have the energy or desire to battle the chaos of the crowds. So here are my 3 recommendations for day trips for single parents:

Low volume day trip #1: horseback Riding

One of my all-time favorite day trips, but one I don’t get to do as often as I’d like, is horseback riding. It’s not an activity that is exclusive to the beach or some far off ranch either.  Don’t worry if you’ve never done it before because where there is horseback riding available there are also lessons you can take.

It’s a wonderfully unique experience for children when they get to ride a horse for the first time. They bond with the animals, too, and it’s a great thing to witness. Learning how to ride a horse is also great exercise, and mastering it builds their self-confidence.


Low volume day trip #2: find Some Water

Not everyone lives near the ocean, but most people live within driving distance of a lake, river, stream, reservoir or, my favorite, waterfall. Sure, those areas can be jam packed with people, but if you plan the timing of your trip strategically you can often avoid the rush. Plus, if you live close enough and go often enough, you’ll discover little alcoves, side streams, and nooks that aren’t as populated as other areas. Even if you do end up surrounded by a lot of people, the vibe of the great outdoors is usually not nearly as hectic as, say, a theme park.


Low volume day trip #3: all Aboard

To be honest, my kids and I have only taken a couple of day trip train rides, but we’ve had a blast each time. Since trains stop in areas people may not necessarily pass by on a routine basis, it’s a great opportunity to spend a day exploring new sites. The best parts? Usually there aren’t a lot people at each stop and, while you’re on the train, the kids are always with you, looking out the window as everything passes by. Train rides are one of the most intimate, yet adventurous things you can do with your kids. It’s also relatively inexpensive.

We don’t have to expose ourselves to huge crowds and lots of noise every time we head out to have fun with our kids. Besides, horseback riding, a day by the water, or an adventurous train ride will create more meaningful memories than some overcrowded amusement park ever could.

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