10 Fun Things to Do with Your Kids when Visiting Tokyo (Apart from a Trip to Disneyland)

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The food, the people, the amazing architecture, and the vibrantly rich culture, there are plenty of things to see and experience in Tokyo. And if you’re thinking about traveling with your family, the more you would want to choose Tokyo as your destination. More than a trip to Disneyland, there are so many other cool activities your kids will surely enjoy when visiting Japan’s capital city.

Check these out:

1. Be fascinated by cherry blossoms – lots of it!

Talk about cherry blossoms, talk about Japan. The country is popular for its beautiful cherry blossoms festival. The blooming trees and mark the end of winter and welcomes the beginning of spring – which Japanese people celebrate. Your kids will surely enjoy taking selfies with the beautiful cherry blossom trees on their background.

Cherry blossom

2. Slurp authentic Japanese ramen.

Not all kids like sushi but definitely, all kids love a bowl of hot, yummy ramen! You’ll find plenty of ramen shops throughout Tokyo. Here’s one thing you should take note of however: it’s considered rude not to slurp when eating ramen in Japan so let your kids slurp their ramen away!

3. Learn about Tokyo’s colorful history at Little Edo.

Surely, both you and your kids will be fascinated with Tokyo’s rich history and culture. A trip to the Little Edo brings your kids back to the old Tokyo at the turn of the 20th century, especially how the city was rebuilt after the World War II.

4. Head to Yoyogi Park for comic relief.

While the thought of Japan will remind you of the traditional kimono outfits, Japanese people do dress up for fun too! Take your kids to Yoyogi Park on any given Sunday and run into some cute mascots, belly dancers practicing, actors rehearsing a scene, and so much more.

5. Climb on the dinosaurs at Kodomo no Mori Park.

Kids – girls and boys – love dinosaurs. At Kodomo no Mori Park, also known as the ‘Monster Park’, children can freely climb on the dinosaurs, play with mist showers, and hop on dragon boats. There are also lots of play equipment that kids of all ages will surely enjoy.

6. Dine at the ninja restaurant.

This is a sure winner. Upon entering the hidden doors of the Ninja Akasaka, waiters dressed in ninja outfits will be waiting to take your order. Your teens are going to love this one-of-a-kind ninja-themed restaurant!

7. Pamper their sweet tooth at the Sweets Paradise.

Sweets aren’t something you’d want your children to indulge in too often. But during a once-in-a-lifetime trip to Tokyo, why not? The Sweets Paradise offers an all-you-can-eat sweets buffet, featuring an endless option for desserts, cakes, and sweet drinks. Don’t worry, they also

have salads, pasta and other savory options for you and your spouse. Alright. Dig in!

8. Take a bite of the freshly-made crepes at Harajuku.

Still can’t get enough of sweets? Here’s another must-try. At Harajuku, you get to taste freshly made crepes in different flavors. Strawberries, jam, ice cream, cheesecake, chocolate – you name it.

9. Relax and soak in Onsen.

Here’s one great activity for the whole family. Soak in a natural hot spring at Onsen wearing the traditional yukata. The park features open-air bath and steam bath to warm your mind and body. They also offer traditional Japanese food and therapeutic spa experience (your partner will love this!)

10. Have a family picnic at the Shinjuku Gyoen.

This park makes a great family picnic destination because it’s always clean and peaceful (no alcohol, pets or games allowed). It’s a great place to chat with your kids and hear their thoughts about their whole Tokyo experience while being surrounded by beautiful sights and eating some delicious Japanese rice cakes.

Tokyo’s a wonderful destination to visit with your kids with so many fun activities to do. Hope you get to try some if not all of these great family activities on your trip to the most popular tourist destination in the country.

Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden, Shinjuku-ku, Japan


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