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Let the kids discover San Francisco

As a parent, you always struggle a lot when planning every trip, as you want it to be an adventure, a time for family bonding, fun, relaxing, but educational as well. And, probably most of the times, you end up tired, with no mood for the vacation, with unsatisfied kids and a messy holiday. If […]

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Walt Disney Family Museum Walt Disney’s characters have been a constant presence in our childhood, as well as in our children’s. We all love them and dream at them! So why not take advantage of this trip to San Francisco for a stop at the Museum dedicated to this great cartoons creator? Located in two historical buildings, of […]

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Knott’s Berry Farm Just several miles away from Disneyland California, family travelers can find another great themed park, with rides, shows and entertainment for toddlers, teens and parents equally. Started as a berry farm with a small berry pie bakery shop, as the name will let you think, Knott’s Berry Farm easily grew into one of the […]

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Red Rock Canyon

Just 25 km outside Las Vegas, there is a scenic place, where the kids will feel free and happy. They can explore the desert and sandstone landscape, follow the interpretative trails available, enjoy a bike tour or a picnic. This is a good opportunity to learn about plants, animals and rock formations in the area, […]

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Queen’s County Farm Museum The farm (now farm museum) dates all the way back to 1697. There are buildings to tour, livestock to pet, working displays and hands on activities from back in the day, antique farm vehicles, and a host of educational programs. The website has a calendar you can check for upcoming events. This 47-acre farm […]

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Shark Reef at Mandalay Bay Shark Reef is advertised as a sensory experience designed to make you feel like you are underwater and an acting part of the underwater world. There are fourteen exhibits with the biggest being a 1.3 million gallon shipwreck. There are over 2000 animals including fifteen different species of sharks displayed at Shark Reef Aquarium. […]

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Adventuredome Theme Park These five acres of indoor fun will make your family very happy. There are all kinds of rides, including the designated “Family Rides” such as B.C. Bus, Circus Carousel, Drifters, and Road Runner. The designated “Junior Rides” are Frog Hopper, Miner Mike, and Thunder Birds. Important to Know When You are Taking the Kids […]

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