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 Hi, we are the family behind @kidsgoplaces. The four of us love travelling whether it’s a road trip a few hours away or trekking across the globe! Whatever it is, we just love seeing new places & having new experiences together. I feel it bonds & unites us more than anything else & will be remembered long into adulthood for the kids.


 Pic was taken in Hokkaido, Japan

Luckily, we are based on the Gold Coast, Australia, a holiday destination in itself. So this helps with any post-holiday blues! But we take any opportunity we can to travel within Australia & overseas.

 Pic was taken at Kingscliff, Australia

While we may have started late in the travel game compared to other travel families who travel with babies & toddlers, we didn’t feel ready until the kids were 4 & 6 years old. We started small with a month-long visit to New Zealand. We loved the adventure, the scenery, the experience together & the kids impressed us so much we returned again the next year! While travel has always been in my blood, this started our family’s journey into the travel world & reignited a passion for adventure my husband & I experienced on our honeymoon through Hawaii, New York, Canada & the Whitsundays, Australia. Now we always have some sort of travel plans in the pipeline.

 Pic was taken at Mt Cook, New Zealand

We followed up NZ with epic trips to America, Japan & Singapore as well as travel around our wonderful country of Australia. I had hardly seen much of my own country growing up as we were always moving around overseas! So I vowed to see more with my own kids & have been amazed at the diversity & beauty of the green & gold country.

 Pic was taken at Moonbah, Australia

We have made some of our most amazing family memories together while travelling, from epic hikes to frozen lakes & glaciers in New Zealand to driving through a blizzard to see a snowy beach in Hokkaido, walking down the road Forrest Gump walked at Monument Valley, seeing the Golden Gate Bridge in San Fran, having a reindeer ride at Niseko and swimming in the most epic pool in the world at Marina Bay Sands, Singapore.

 Pic was taken at Monument Valley, USA

So if you are hesitant about travelling with your kids, I recommend starting small & see what you can handle. Be flexible & have realistic expectations. I admit, I often expect more of the kids then have to remind myself how old they are & they are just being kids & realistically they are amazing little travel troopers!! But I love experiencing things through their eyes & seeing their excitement, it makes our experiences as adults even better!

So either way, I say, go for it. You could experience something so wonderful & magical!

 Pic was taken in Niseko, Japan


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