6 Ways to Holiday with Kids.

By An Ordinary Family of 5

Many people are put off by the thought of particular types of holidays with children. But kids are actually very versatile and will cope with many different cultures and environments.

There are many ways to holiday with children, depending on budget and travel opportunities.


Who doesn’t love a good all-inclusive break, with unlimited snacks, drinks, and poolside fun? Most resorts abroad have kids’ clubs that the children will enjoy, while the adults can have some quality time alone.  Other choices include half board, where breakfast and dinner are included, and self-catering for flexible eating opportunities. If you can find a hotel with a water park or pool activities, you can guarantee a fun holiday for all the family. 


Camping is growing in popularity, taking the home comforts to outdoors and beyond.  Kids will love the adventure in pitching a tent and sleeping under the stars. Campsites are a cheaper option for a holiday, and even though the initial outlay can be pricey, items can be used over and over again. Campsites can be accessed all over the world, and with fantastic companies like Eurocamp, holidays abroad can be cheap and cheerful.

Static caravan sites

Again, a cheaper option and generally situated next to a beach or a nature reserve, a static caravan holiday can be a cost-effective way of getting away with the kids. Chalets tend to have a community vibe, as families are situated in rows next to each other. There are plenty of opportunities to meet new people and make some friends along the way. 


Camping without the hassle! No need to take every piece of cutlery you own; glamping pods are equipped with everything you need for a weekend away from reality. For those who aren’t too keen on lying on the floor, glamping pods have raised beds and if you’re lucky enough to get a nice company, they will even provide heating. We stayed in a safari tent, and they provided marshmallows, a small barbecue and hot water bottles for the colder nights.


A Cruise

For a more extravagant choice, a cruise can please everybody. Large cruise ships have everything you need on board, from shopping centers to water parks, kids’ clubs and dinner parties. Plus, being able to wake up on a new coastline every morning, invites your kids to learn a different culture every day. 

Wild camping

Sling the tent on your back, take some pre-prepared food and pitch up in the middle of nowhere for an all-out wild adventure. Pack light and plan your route to get closer with nature and to bond as a family together. I would only recommend this for a night or 2, depending on your location. Great for short breaks and to explore closer to home.

There are many ways to incorporate travel and adventure into a child's life. A child will learn so much from travelling, no matter how often you do it or in what capacity. Show them, the world is for exploring, and give them the means to access it all.

Which way will you choose to show it to them?




An Ordinary Family of 5

We are An Ordinary Family of 5, who love to travel around the UK, and sometimes beyond! We advocate getting the kids outdoors for good mental health, for learning and for friendships. We love to search for new adventures and to challenge ourselves along the way.

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