Low on budget, but still want to have a great travel…?

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The economy is bad all over, but what is life if you cannot stop and smell the roses? And if the roses are all over the world, then you must travel with your family to see them. Travel is one of the greatest gifts you can give your family. Some of my fondest memories come from family trips that I have taken to different places over the years. I would not trade those memories for all the gold in the world.

When planning a trip, set the budget from the beginning and be realistic, you want to have fun on the trip, not worry about the budget while on the trip. Give yourself ample time to save for the trip and then actually save. A year’s time is a good frame for saving for the trip. You can save enough, so that you do not have to max out your credit cards to have the full vacation experience. Setting aside money from each paycheck in a designated vacation account is a smart move.

Explore combination packages for hotels and flights. The Internet will give you a hundred hits if you search the key words “vacation” and “discounts”. Packages can save you a lot of money. And if working with a travel agency, see if event tickets and excursion fares can also be added to the package. Do not be afraid to ask for extras, the absolute worst thing that can happen from your request is that you are told no. Also see if your sky miles can reward you with free or reduced tickets.

Once you arrive at your destination, make immediate friends with the concierge. They usually have discount tickets and sometimes they have free day passes to the different events. As far as public transportation, register for a city pass early for a discount. Vary your paid events with free offerings in the vacation location.

Also consider visiting a location in its off-season for large savings. For example, Florida has lower hotel and event prices in the summer because the season runs from the late fall to the late winter. You would just need to be aware that the temperature soars in the summer months in Florida. But the upside, beyond the reduced savings, is that the roads, beaches, attractions, and events are considerably less crowded in Florida in the summer.

Be smart and frugal while still getting the full experience of the city. Another option would be to avoid the major holidays when flight prices and room prices are at their peak price. Taking the time and starting early to explore the various savings options will mean you can focus on the vacation with your family and not on the money.

The children are young for a limited time. Budget your money so you can help them learn to be world travelers and you can open the world up to them through travel. These are truly the moments you work hard for and you live for.

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