5 Tips for Saving Money on Souvenirs

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Tips for Saving Money on Souvenirs

Family vacations can be pricey enough without spending even more on gifts and souvenirs to take home. As well as things for your family to keep and treasure, there are likely to be others that you want to take a little token something home for … grandparents, neighbors, siblings, school friends, etc. Here are 5 tips for saving money on souvenirs to help you keep the cost down

1. Avoid Typical Souvenir Sellers

As silly as this sounds, places that deal solely in the business of selling souvenirs are likely to be more expensive that other places. You might be surprised to see that some supermarkets and general stores also have a small collection of trinkets that would make excellent gifts and at a fraction of the price too! If you’re thinking about taking home food souvenirs don’t miss the local markets, where locals go to do their actual daily shopping, and the supermarkets – it would be a shame to pay more for, for example, a pretty box of biscuits from a souvenir shop when you could get something very similar, if not identical, at a lower price elsewhere.

2. Think Outside the Box

Who says that a souvenir has to be a mug / key fob / decorative plate / fridge magnet / pen / cuddly toy etc? A souvenir is simply something to say that you thought about the person you will give it to whilst way and wanted to bring them something home. There are many traditional items that might not be your typical souvenirs but would still make a lovely gift … and for less money than the common touristy items. For example, beautifully crafted chop sticks from China, a tea pot from the UK, a paella dish from Spain … and so on.

3. Make Your Own

With a little creativity it is really easy to make your own souvenirs using photos from your trip, clean wrappers from food stuffs, leaflets, entrance tickets, etc. There are loads of ideas online, but you could begin with hand crafted bookmarks, photo frames, and fridge magnets, turning small pebbles into jewellery, polishing a larger pretty stone for a paper weight, and so on.  Making your own gifts back at home also gives you another fun activity to do with your children once the holiday excitement has worn off.

4. Saving Money on Souvenirs by Buying in Bulk

If you have several people that you want to take a gift home for and you see something that catches your eye, especially in markets, it is well worth asking if they offer any discounts for buying several items at once. Keep an eye open for buy one get one free deals and the like in stores too.

5. Compare Prices

Check the prices at a few different souvenir stalls (if you want the convenience of having an array of items at your fingertips) before making your purchase. Not all sellers charge the same for the same items!


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