Top 10 Activities to do with Kids around the Winter Holidays

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There’s something fun and magical about the winter season that kids love. While the snowy roads and icy weather often makes traveling difficult, there are still so many enjoyable activities that families can do this frosty season.

Here’s our top 10 winter activities for your kids. Have fun!

#1 Indulge in homemade winter bakes

Winter would usually mean staying at home most of the time. Yet, it’s a perfect time to get closer to your kids and do something fun and creative as a family. Why not make some delicious and warming gingerbread cookies? Your kids will surely love designing their own cookie.

#2 Read holiday books together.

When you don’t fancy going out for a snowy adventure, there are children’s picture books that your youngsters will surely enjoy. Grab newer titles which are Holiday-themed. Books make a perfect Christmas present too.

#3 Make some holiday crafts.

Kids enjoy creating something – whether it’s a snowflake, a snowman, or a Christmas tree – using paper and all other sorts of art materials. There are printable snowflake patterns you can download from the internet, along with tons of DIY ideas.

#4 Have an indoor picnic

Are your kids fretting over cancelled family trips? If the snowy weather is preventing you to go out, have an indoor vacation then. Clear out some space in your house that you don’t use often. Set it up for your indoor picnic. Involve the kids in everything, from setting up the space to preparing the food. Make sure to pick a few games that you’d play during your indoor picnic.

 There you go – our top 10 winter activities for kids. Try this winter wonderland of cures for winter boredom and cabin fever. It’s time to put that big smile back to their faces!