Flights & transportation with kids

On the Roads With Kids

I once calculated that I have spent 1500 hours in a car with my child traveling from Florida to North Carolina. It is a 12-hour trip and I went several times a year with my child to see my parents. Traveling in a car with children is not for the faint of heart and it […]

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Long Road Trip Entertainment

A long road trip can seem like an endless drive with crying and bored children in the backseats. However, by planning ahead of time and acquiring a few items, you can keep your children entertained for the duration of a long road trip! Depending upon the age of your child, some of these games and […]

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Best Transportation at Your Destination

After arriving at your final destination, issues related to transportation within a city begin to arise. What type of transportation makes most sense? Should you rent a car or rely on public transportation? Transportation depends on the age and amount of children, the length of your stay, what you plan on doing, and where you […]

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