Unusual and Quirky Places for a Family Visit in the UK

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The UK is home to many interesting places, some of which are a bit more offbeat and unusual than others. If you and your kids have a penchant for the strange and quirky things n life, these terrific UK attractions may be right up your street:

Daresbury Church


Found close to the town of Warrington in the north of England, Daresbury Church is pretty regular from the outside. Look closely inside, however, and you will see some fabulous stained glass windows with scenes from the children’s classic of Alice in Wonderland! The Mad Hatter, March Hare, Dormouse, Queen of Hearts, White Rabbit, and, of course, Alice, are amongst the colourful characters that light up as the sun shines through. Lewis Carroll’s father was the church rector in the past.

Pendle Witches Trail

Covering some wonderfully scenic hilly terrain today, you can drive the same route that an ill-fated band of women had to walk to reach their trial for witchcraft at Lancaster Jail. There are several places of historic interest along the way, as well as many places of natural beauty. Look out for wonderfully bizarre shop selling all kinds of fun witch memorabilia.

Smallest House in Britain

Smallest House

A tiny former home in North Wales’s seaside town of Conway, your kids will probably be amazed to learn that the previous occupant was a tall fisherman! Cute and cosy, it really is quite intriguing as to how anyone managed to live there for any substantial period of time. The house still contains some of the old furnishings.

Talliston House and Gardens

With a name that means the Hidden House, curiosity is sure to set in before you even pass through the heavy wooden doorway set into a dense hedge. Explore the 13 different themed rooms for a peek into different times and places. A true artistic delight, you’ll all be eager to know what lies behind the next door as you make your way through a Cambodian tree house, a medieval tower, a Victorian home, a kitchen in New Orleans, and more!

Roof Gardens


Whoever would have imagined a lush and colourful garden high above the London streets of Kensington? Head up there to see flamingos, a babbling stream complete with fish, flowers, plants, ornaments, and other interesting features.


No, we didn’t fall asleep on the keyboard or just type a load of gobbledegook – that really is a genuine place name! The name of a train station on North Wales’s island of Anglesey, it is one of the longest place names in the world! Snap a picture of the kids under the stretching sign and see how can attempt to say it! They can read more about this place in the Kids’ Travel Guide – UK.

The Kelpies


Kelpies are mythical water creatures that look a lot like horses. Popular in Scottish legends and folklore, you can see two large and fairly new kelpie head statues alongside the water in Falkirk. Standing at around 30 metres tall they are very impressive! In the evening they are lit up from inside with glowing red lights.

Other great places around the UK for something that little bit different include Cheshire’s Little Moreton Hall, the Crooked House in Canterbury, Liverpool’s Superlambanana, the Vimto Monument in Manchester, London’s Imperial War Rooms, Portmeirion in North Wales, and the House of Dreams Museum in London. There are, of course, many more … where are your favourites? Let us know in the comments box below.

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