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Thailand with Kids


Although Thailand is often thought of as catering more to an adult crowd, there are plenty of reasons to take the kids with you for a fantastic fun-filled family vacation. Of course, as with everywhere, there are places that you should skip when you have children with you, but these spots are few and far […]

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Family Trekking in Chiang Mai

Asia Destinations Thailand

Trekking in Chiang Mai offers many wonderful opportunities to enjoy Thailand’s stunning natural scenery, get active, spot heaps of native flora and fauna, and also visit some fascinating hill tribe villages. Other options include riding elephants through the jungle, swimming at waterfalls, and bamboo rafting.  Older kids might also like the thrill of white water […]

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Why “Kids’ Travel Guide – Bangkok”?

Bangkok Kids' travel guide - Thailand Thailand

Why “Kids’ Travel Guide – Bangkok”?

Would you like your kids to learn, have fun, stay entertained, and get the most out of your trip to Bangkok? Special travel guide especially for your kid! From planning and packing to returning home with great family memories and knowledge about the places you visited. Fun, educational, interesting and engaging your kids in the […]

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Floating Markets around Thailand

Destinations Shopping Thailand

If your family loves shopping as well as experiencing culture and something a bit different, make sure that you don’t miss the charming floating markets around Thailand.  Pretty unusual when compared to the way in which many other countries buy and sell things, floating markets are, as the name suggests, centred around a waterway, with […]

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Tasty Thai Dishes to Try with the Kids

Destinations Eating Thailand

Many people the world over enthuse about Thailand’s delicious food.  With a heavy focus on rice and noodles, it is also well-known for being pretty hot and spicy.  Many places are more than happy to adjust the chilli levels though, making traditional favourites suitable for kids. If you want to make sure that a dish […]

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