Who we are

I’m sure you would agree that traveling with kids can be fun—but certainly challenging and frustrating at times...

Shira Halperin, FlyingKids CEO & Founder

As a passionate traveler who refused to give up traveling after starting a family, I continued to travel with my kids, trying to have as much fun as possible while maximizing the opportunity to enhance their knowledge of history, geography, culture and cultural diversity, and more … Well, this was not an easy task!

I simply had to find a better way!

Being a Learning Solutions Expert in a significant global corporation, I started to develop unique resources, content, and solutions for my own kids. I gathered many valuable ideas for dealing with kids during travel, and I created a variety of materials to educate and entertain them. Soon I started sharing my materials with other parents and friends from all over the world. In return, I received a great gift—other parents shared their feedback with me and also their experiences and ideas … The result was the birth of the Kids' Travel Guide series and the FlyingKids group.

Kids' Travel Guides series (age 6-12)

Our Kids’ Travel guides are interactive books that involve kids from the planning stages of a family vacation (packing and discovering what to expect) to seeing the sights and learning new things. Kids are kept entertained with fun activities, games, juicy “Did you know?” information, and tips about the main attractions. Leonardo, the FlyingKids “tour guide,” encourages them to experiment, explore, learn, and be more involved in the family’s activities. These guides also become the kids’ diary for the trip, inviting them to capture the great moments and their own impressions of new sights and experiences. This way, without even noticing, kids learn so much more about new places and have wonderful documented memories when they return home.  

Kids' Activity Book series (age 4-8)

The perfect way for kids to learn about the world through coloring pages and fun activities! Great for family vacations or learning at home, the Kids’ Activity Book series is an introduction to the world! Designed with younger family members in mind (ages 4–8). Educational and engaging coloring books are perfect for flights, car rides, hotel rooms, and downtime while seeing the sights. Packed with full-sized coloring activities, interactive puzzles, and games on every page, the books feature special kids’ tour guide Leonardo, who keeps your youngsters actively involved and entertained!  

FlyingKids Online Shop

we are please to announce that our new online shop was launched! Why you want to buy directly from FlyingKids Shop?
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So... Make your family vacation more fun, relaxing - and even educational, with FlyingKids!

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