About FlyingKids

Sometimes family vacations can be tricky...

You can plan plenty of activities for the kids, but all they want to do is to stay in the hotel room and watch TV… You drive hours and hours to a famous attraction and when you get there you find out that the kids are only interested in their mobile devices… When you return home you realize that the kids don't remember much about the new places you were visiting. 
Well… maybe it never happens in your family… but in case it does – don't worry! you are not alone! 

Kids' Activity Book series (Ages 4-8)

The perfect way to learn about new countries and cities through coloring pages and fun activities. Get ready for hours of enjoyment and learning with Leonardo. 

Enjoy Kids' Activity Book to Europe and the USA.

Kids' Travel Guide series (Ages 6-12)

Make sure your kids get the most out of the trip. Together with Leonardo, their very own tour guide, your kids will have so much fun discovering new countries and cities with "juicy information," challenging quizzes, special tasks, and colorful activities.

Enjoy Kids' Travel Guides to worldwide destinations: Spain, Germany, Australia, USA, New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, Washington, DC, France, Paris, United Kingdom, London, Thailand, Bangkok and many more destinations…

Poster maps for kids

Put away those old & boring maps and make way for our new maps!
A fun and interactive maps (with the dry-erase pens) to help your kids learn about our world.
Help your children expand their creativity and imaginations with a world perspective.

kids write their names, what countries and states they’ve been to, and which ones they want to visit. They answer quizzes and enjoy a special place to write about and capture their adventures.

Available maps: World map, USA map, and a bundle of both.

World map usa map poster for kids


*** FlyingKids makes your family travel more fun, enriching, and unforgettable. ***