2x Kids' Travel Guide - New York City (NYC Pack)
2x Kids' Travel Guide - New York City (NYC Pack)2x Kids' Travel Guide - New York City (NYC Pack)

Do you have another kid in the family? Make sure every kid gets their own book! 

  • Get a personal souvenir for every kid.
  • Avoid fights and arguments between the kids
  • Everyone can solve puzzles, color and write inside their own books and diaries.
  • Get a special price!
  • With Kids’ Travel Guide – New York City your kids will become the family tour guide! They enjoy fun facts, challenging tasks, useful tips, coloring pages and exciting quizzes. There will be no boring moments your New York vacation… 
  • Watch as your kids become little experts about New York City: the relevant history, what the city looks like, the transportation system, and many fun and fascinating facts about the city.
  • Your little tour guide will take you through New York City attractions… Be sure to visit the best sites for kids: The amazing Central Park, the famous Empire State Building, the one and only Time Square, and many magnificent bridges and museums—plus all the other fun things to do in NYC! 
  • From planning and packing to returning home. The FlyingKids' guide and diary becomes a souvenir of your travel that the whole family will treasure for a lifetime. 
  • And So Much More...
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