Kids' Travel Guide - Australia
Kids' Travel Guide - AustraliaKids' Travel Guide - AustraliaKids' Travel Guide - AustraliaKids' Travel Guide - AustraliaKids' Travel Guide - Australia

Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane… Whichever city or part of Australia your family plans to visit, make sure you have the Kids' Travel Guide — Australia.

A unique travel guide and activity book in one, it’s the fun way to discover Australia!

  • All about Australia, especially for kids—geography, fascinating history, and flags and symbols, as well as culture, food, and even Australian animals and sports!
  • Fun, educational, and engaging—Leonardo, your kids’ tour guide, will take them on a journey through Australia and keep them interested with fun facts, “juicy information,” quizzes, special tasks, coloring pages, and their own travel diary.
  • A bonus for parents—As a parent, you are invited to participate in your children’s activities or to find an available bench and relax while your kids learn and enjoy.
  • A personal book that becomes your children’s souvenir of the trip—When you return home, the guidebook and diary will become a memoir of your Australian vacation that the whole family can treasure for a lifetime.
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